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Delhi government to help children whose parents are in jail

New Delhi: The Delhi government has planned to provide financial assistance to children whose parents are in jail. The Minister of Social Welfare, Rajendra Pal Gautam, met with senior officials at his residence on Sunday. After this meeting, a senior Delhi government official said the government is working out a plan in which financial assistance will be provided to children whose parents are in jail. The official said that at the meeting there was an in-depth discussion about the eligibility criteria and the good disbursement of financial aid to the child.

He stated that the identified beneficiaries of the scheme are children whose parents are serving prison terms and have no financial means to support themselves. Previously, the plan’s eligibility criteria provided financial assistance only to children whose parents are in jail or if one of the parents has passed away.

Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam ordered that even if the breadwinner or breadwinner is in jail, his children can still receive financial assistance. Rajendra Pal Gautam said the plan aims to provide financial assistance to children whose parents are in jail and have no means to support themselves financially. Children often face financial difficulties due to the mother or father going to jail. In such situations, the government has a duty to support the child. Gautam said the plan must be communicated to the prisoner’s families on the day of arrest. The Department of the Interior must keep a dashboard with all the details of the family members. The information should then be sent to the Department of Social Welfare. This process must be completed in 15 days and the financial assistance must reach the beneficiary.

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