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Delhi Man Murder Case: Many sensational revelations from Facebook account of woman killing husband

In the Mehrauli area of ​​South Delhi, many shocking facts appeared in the Facebook post and the police investigation into the murder of her husband with a knife. Not only that, Renuka claimed in the Facebook post that her husband wanted to divorce her because of an illicit relationship with another woman. The woman also tried to commit suicide after killing her husband on Sunday night. According to police, the woman wrote on Facebook: “I loved my husband Chirag Sharma very much, but he not only attacked me, but also wanted to divorce him because of the illicit relationship with a divorced woman.” The woman also wrote on her Facebook page that her life is only for her husband and she only wanted love from her husband, but he too is not found and cannot live without her husband.

The woman’s condition is stable

An officer investigating the murder case Chirag Sharma said Renuka Sharma’s condition is stable. He is aware, but is unable to make a statement. The police will record his statement after he is able to make a statement. Police have sealed his rented house for the time being. Both laptops, mobile phones and other essential items related to the investigation were confiscated.

First hanged and then stabbed

According to reliable sources, Renuka stabbed her husband on Saturday night after a fight with her husband Chirag Sharma with a Danadan knife. After the murder of her husband, she wrote the whole story on Facebook and started committing suicide. To do this, he first put a noose around his neck, then stabbed himself with a knife. After that, drinking Lysol, he also tried to cut the vein of his wrist. Because of which she was seriously injured.

Accused of asking for 50 lakhs to save the marriage

According to Renuka, Chirag wanted to divorce her after eight and a half years of marriage. To save the marriage, he constantly asked the family to bring 50 lakhs. Renuka claims that Chirag’s mother and sister often used to provoke him to ask for dowries, which was a major reason for the breakup between the two. Renuka blames her husband for not having a child even after so many years of marriage. However, police are closely investigating Facebook posts and all other facts. Renuka claimed that Chirag was in contact with another woman, for whom the owner of the resort had asked her for Rs five lakh from her for the video. However, he had no money, so he could not watch the video. However, it has resort bills and everything else available.

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