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Delhi On Farmers: 10 to 15 percent grain wasted in Narela grain market due to rain

Whenever it rains, about 10 to 15 percent of the grain in the Narela grain market is soaked. This time too, in the rainy month, several lakh bags of paddy have been drenched here. Like every time, this time to the paddy has become wet. The good thing is that the rain has stopped and sunshine has been coming out for two days, so both farmers and Gadhafi are busy drying their paddy here. The only reason why the rainy crop is soaking in the only grain market of the capital is that even in these years, there have not been enough sheds to be needed here.

There is no need for the government to do more for agriculture and farmers in Delhi than in other states. Because the prospects of farming in Delhi have been reduced in comparison to other states. But Delhi has Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) and APMC employs hundreds of officers and employees.

There is also Narela APMC to operate the working system of Narela Grain Market and to fulfill the requirements here. But only for the name. The narrators of the Narela Grain Market complain that the Narela APMC has no one to listen to their problems. Such an irresponsible attitude of Narela APMC is full of chaos, chaos, and filth.

No development work is done for four years
No development work was done in Narela Anaj Mandi for four years. The current Delhi government built four sheds under the supervision of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal four years ago and installed CCTV cameras at some places. The Chief Minister had said in the inauguration program of these sheds that he will soon increase the number of more sheds here. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s promise proved to be Hawaii if the narrators of Narela Mandi were to be believed. It requires at least 20 shades.

Earlier governments also ignored
The governments of Delhi ignored the Narela Grain Market. If it were not so, after all these years Narela would have at least shed in the grain market. The Narela grain market spread over such a large area has only open ground. Where the crops are set to be ruined when it rains. PK Kaushik, Secretary, Narela Anaj Mandi, says that he has been sitting here for name only. He does not have the power to carry out any development work in Narela Anaj Mandi.

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