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Delhi violence: High court awakened at midnight, this order is given, the status report sought from police, hearing again today

The violence that started after the clash over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has shaken Delhi. For the last three days, violence has continued in the north-eastern region. Meanwhile, at midnight on Tuesday, the Delhi High Court, while hearing the entire case, gave an order to shift patients to other government hospitals.

Justice S. In a hearing held late Tuesday night at Muralidhar’s house, the High Court directed the Delhi Police to shift the ambulance from a hospital in Mustafabad to a safe path and patients to a government hospital. With this, a status report was called. 2.15 This matter will be heard again.

Many people injured in Mustafabad violence are undergoing treatment at the local Al-Hind Hospital. Late Tuesday, a team of doctors from government and private hospitals appealed to the Delhi High Court to intervene. The hearing was held at Justice Muralidhar’s house. Justice AJ Bhambhani was also among the judges to hear. The judges ordered the police to shift the injured from Al-Hind Hospital to GTB or any other hospital amid security.

Rahul Roy filed a petition in the Delhi violence case. The petition was being advocated by senior lawyers Surur Mander and Chirayu Jain. In his judgment, Justice S. Muralidhar said that Chief Justice GS Sistani of Delhi High Court is out. The matter is very serious and the injured are not getting treatment. Because of this, the case is being heard at midnight.

Most of the injured are hospitalized in GTB

A forum in an appeal to the Delhi High Court said that proper treatment of those injured in the Mustafabad violence is not possible in the Al Hind Hospital there. Therefore, patients and doctors should be sent to GTB or any other hospital under police protection. The petition said that the Al Hind Hospital neither has adequate medical facilities nor there is no ambulance. After this, the High Court issued orders related to the Delhi government and the police.

During the midnight hearing, Justice S. Muralitharan talked to Dr. Anwar of Al-Hind Hospital and tried to know about the situation. During this, Dr. Anwar told that 2 people died while 22 were injured in Al-Hind Hospital. It is special that Dr. Anwar tried to get help from the police from 4 pm on Tuesday evening, but he could not get help.

The Delhi High Court, in its order, said that sufficient force should be deployed on the safe roads for the injured. All the injured get emergency help. If not in GTB Hospital, then be taken to LNJP Hospital or Maulana Azad or to any government hospital where possible.

With this, the Delhi High Court said in its order that the injured are not able to meet their family or friends, due to this, the medical / police control room should be established in GTB, LNJP, and Maulana Azad Hospital.

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