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Depression Treatment: Exercise in the morning to avoid depression, also take support of yoga

Nowadays people will not exercise due to the risk of colds, coronal infection and strain in the capital Delhi. For this reason, people fall prey to depression. Dr Satyam Bhaskar, director and senior physiotherapist at the private hospital in Mangalam in the capital Delhi, says people should only exercise at home so they can avoid depression. People can also exercise by jumping on one leg like children in houses, which is much better for the body. People can also adopt yoga.

Dr. Satyam Bhaskar said that people should work to increase their immunity. For this, people should eat fresh fruit these days, thanks to which they will receive vitamin C. In this, they should use citrus fruits, including oranges, lemon, seasonal, amla. This fruit is very beneficial in increasing immunity. People should also eat calcium-rich foods to avoid bone-related diseases. It should include makhane, which is the best source of calcium. People can make powder and eat it with milk. Apart from this, the water chestnut should also be consumed.

Tell us that during the period of infection with the crown virus, people fall into depression very quickly. In Delhi alone, there are millions of people infected with the crown virus who have come under the crown era. Psychiatrists in Delhi also practice this. The number of people suffering from depression has risen rapidly in the four metros Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. This problem has been observed in working domestic women and men.

Symptoms of depression

Frequent toilet
To be tired
Be worried
Negative thinking
Irritability in nature
Stay alone

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