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Easy to change the name or address in the Aadhaar card with Your Mobile

Today, the Aadhaar card has become a very important document. Be it a government job or a private job, it has become necessary to show the Aadhaar card for identity and address everywhere. Nowadays, whether it’s a banking job or taking advantage of any government scheme, you need to base Aadhar, otherwise, you may have difficulties. We have to give all the information in Aadhaar correctly, but many times it happens that accidentally the name is misspelled or if the woman’s last name is changed to marriage, then in such situation we should update Aadhaar.

Until some time ago, we had to go to a cybercafe or our city base center for all the work related to Aadhaar, but now we can update our Aadhaar from home, that too easily. Let us tell you that UIDAI stopped self-update service in the Aadhaar card some time ago, but now it has been started again.

Many changes are possible
Now people can change not only the name but the date of birth (DOB), home address (address), mobile number in the Aadhar card sitting at home. Now you will not have to go anywhere else to change your name in Aadhaar. For this, you just need to have a registered number in the Aadhaar card and internet on mobile. Let us show you the easy way how you can update the name and address in the Aadhaar card in a few minutes from home.

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