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Farmers Protest Update: deadlock broken, agreement reaches on two demands of farmers

Talks with farmers’ associations on crop development on Wednesday were successful. Of the four issues, consensus has reached two major issues of stubborn agricultural associations. The government has agreed to accept these requests. The meeting was convened again on January 4 to discuss two additional needs, which they will also address. A panel of experts will agree whether or not to comply with the new agricultural rules that have been established.

There will be a solution to the doubt

Farm manager Narendra Tomar believes the skepticism of farmers will be resolved. Agriculture Minister Tomar, who left after the talks, said two major requests from farmers had been approved. The first of these is about the environmental system, which deals with farmers and hay. Farmers have promised that the rules for making decisions for them should be met.

The government agrees on water shortages

Tomar said the government was aware of this. Similarly, the second concern of farmers is regarding the Price of Electricity Modification. Until now, this bill has not been presented in Parliament. The leaders of the nations feared that if this law came, they would suffer greatly. Farmers expect that subsidies for agriculture should continue as provided by the state. The government agreed to his request.

The process lasts longer than two and a half decades

At the meeting, he told on behalf of the government that the leaders of the farmers had introduced new laws on agriculture. So it takes time to adopt a procedure like removing them. For this, a panel of experts can be designed to prepare its report on the advantages and disadvantages of the policy. It is a procedural process that needs to be completed.

Willing to give trust to MSP

The government is ready to acknowledge the MSP. To ensure that farmers do not receive lower MSP, the use of Bhavantar Yojana can be planned to be effective. It is true that the problem can be solved. The main concerns were addressed through the completion of the sixth round of government farmers’ consultations.

There was a shock

In fact, United Kisan Morcha expanded the speculation Tuesday night by submitting a letter with its agenda to the government. They said they would discuss these issues. The government must agree to repeal the new law and legalize the minimum wage (MSP). There is growing concern about his letter in unspoken language. Despite this, the government is confident that this time they will be able to speak to the peasant leaders. They need to make the truth known.

The government is pleased with the farmers

The speech, which began between two and a half o’clock in the afternoon at Vigyan Bhavan, lasted several hours. There will be lunch and two breaks. Farm leaders, as mentioned earlier, also called for their lunch this time. In the afternoon, Government officials Narendra Tomar, Piyush Goyal and Som Prakash had dinner at their home. During this time, interviews with others were also available. This informal hearing proved beneficial in breaking the deadline for the hearing. During the tea break, the situation of the agricultural associations was also joked.

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