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 GHMC elections:Know BJP strategy against AIMIM,Owaisi getting defeated in his house

In the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party is not only registering its presence in a blistering manner but it is also seen moving forward in it. The results of this election are seen to be completely like the BJP’s thinking. The BJP had said during the campaign of this election that this time there will be a BJP Mayor. If the election results keep moving in the same direction, then it will be possible to a great extent.

However, by taking the lead in Hyderabad, the BJP has given a deep blow to Asaduddin Owaisi’s party AIMIM, which has been rooted here for years. Shortly before, the BJP had registered its presence in another state for the first time in Maharashtra assembly elections. In the same way, his party registered its presence in the Bihar assembly elections too. After this, Owaisi was eyeing the election of West Bengal. For this, he also threw a dice to contest elections with the ruling party TMC.

Amidst all this political turmoil in Hyderabad, the way ahead for the BJP is clearly visible. According to senior journalist and close watchdog of the country’s politics, Pradeep Singh said that this election was fought not only to challenge Owaisi in his own house, but it also has assembly elections here. According to him, the existence of Congress in the state is negligible and when it comes to other parties, they also do not matter. In such a situation, the assembly elections in Telangana can open the way for the BJP. The way to reach there comes through the Municipal Corporation elections of Greater Hyderabad.

Pradeep Singh says that after this election many things will become very clear. First, the scope of coverage will be limited. Secondly, till now, other parties used to secretly show alliances on BJP and Owaisi. But by this election this misconception will be erased from the minds of the people forever. Earlier, due to this misunderstanding, Owsi used to get support from other communities too, now it will be very little or will end.

The meaning of his statement is very clear that the BJP wants to strengthen itself in the state by weakening Owaisi. The current result is also pointing in this way. However Pradeep Singh also says that weakening Owaisi in West Bengal will not be BJP’s strategy. According to him, the reason for this is that if Owaisi lands in the field, he will harm TMC and not anyone else. The weaker the TMC, the more BJP will benefit there.

As far as the election of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation is concerned, Pradeep Singh believes that in the eyes of BJP, Telangana may be the second state in South India where the party can reach close to form its government. He also says that the party won decent seats even after the party did not work hard in the assembly elections held here. In view of this, the party took this election to strengthen its grip at the local level. According to him, now the BJP will be completely enthused in the elections in West Bengal, while Owaisi will look more aggressive than before. They will be able to benefit the BJP here indirectly but not in other ways.

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