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Gomutra and cow dung 10 times expensive than milk due to Corona

Due to the fast spreading corono virus all over the world, fear is increasing among people. People are adopting different measures to avoid this. In this atmosphere of fear, rumors have also made their way. The result of this is that cow urine and cow dung are being sold more expensive than cow’s milk these days. Actually it is being claimed that drinking cow urine can prevent corona.

According to the information received, cow urine is being sold at the rate of 500 rupees per liter and cow dung at the rate of 500 rupees per kg. A milk seller from West Bengal says that earning more from selling cow urine and cow dung than milk. According to the news, jars of cow dung and cow urine are being packed and sold at the shop of a Muslim person on the National Highway connecting Delhi and Kolkata.

A poster has also been posted on this shop, which reads: Drink cow urine and avoid Corona virus. Let us tell you that the number of Corona patients has increased in the whole country. The number of infected people has reached 170. Three people have died in this and 16 have recovered and gone home. That is, there are currently 151 active cases. Maharashtra has been found most infected by Corona, the number of victims has increased to 45 here.

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