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State govt opens wine and liquor shops

State govt opens wine and liquor shops

State govt opens wine and liquor shops

Almost fifteen days after withdrawing his order that allows home delivery of alcoholic or wine beverages for health reasons, the government of Meghalaya has allowed wine stores and customs warehouses in the State to sell liquor for seven hours a day from 13 to 17 of April.

An official memo from the State Excise Commissioner for all district chiefs on April 11 prompted some brokers to relax COVID-19 closure restrictions on liquor and point-of-sale wholesalers.

In addition to urging liquor sellers to make sure customers follow social distancing rules and cough etiquette, the memo makes clear that local authorities should allow only one member of a family to buy. They were also ordered to prohibit the movement of said member from one locality or village to another in search of liquor.

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Wine shops were asked to provide hand sanitizers to customers in addition to guiding them “to other nearby wine shops within the same town / village” to strictly avoid overcrowding.

On March 30, the Meghalaya government issued an order allowing the restricted sale of spirits for medical reasons and advising consumers to consume alcohol in a moderate way. The other was withdrawn the following day after an objection from the Indian Medical Association.

On April 3, the Association of Wine Dealers and Welfare in the state capital Shillong appealed to Prime Minister Conrad K. Sangma to grant him permission to open customs warehouses and retail outlets to “deal with the stress “caused by the” abnormal situation “.

State govt opens wine and liquor shops
State govt opens wine and liquor shops

The responsibility of the bosses

In a previous order, the State Department of Health and Family Welfare entrusted traditional village chiefs or chiefs to monitor people who recently arrived in their villages and towns and apply them to 14-day home quarantine.

“As much as possible, the Chief / Rangbah Shnong / Nokma should also follow up with the person under house quarantine,” said the order of the Department’s Commissioner-Secretary, Sampath Kumar.

A Rangbah Shnong is a traditionally elected chief in a Khasi tribal village or locality. The Nokma is its Garo tribal counterpart.

The order was necessary since the bosses “are the pillars of society” and are “essentially linked and compelled to cooperate and coordinate with the government at this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Kumar said.

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