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Rajya Sabha Elections 2020: 44% newly elected MPs facing criminal charges

Rajya Sabha Elections 2020
By Rajnish Singh

New Delhi: Around 44 per cent of the 62 Rajya Sabha members elected this year have different criminal cases registered against them, including 11 (18 per cent) who are accused of serious crimes like murder, attempt to murder, rape, dacoity and theft and are connected to leading parties like the BJP, Congress, NCP, YSRCP and Trinamool Congress, an analysis of their self-declared poll affidavits indicate.

Rajya Sabha Elections 2020: Of these 62 MPs, 16 (26 per cent) have declared other criminal cases against themselves, an analysis done by National Election Watch (NEW) and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) says.

Of the 11 MPs facing serious charges, one has declared a case of murder against him, two have declared attempt-to-murder cases, and three face cases of crimes against women. Out of these three MPs, one has declared rape charge against him.

Those with criminal cases include two (11 per cent) out of 18 BJP MPs, three (33 per cent) of the nine Congress MPs, two (100 per cent) of the 2 Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MPs, two (50 per cent) of four YSRCP MPs, one MP each from AITC (25 per cent), BJD (25 per cent), DMK (33 per cent), RJD (50 per cent), JDU (50 per cent), RPI-A (100 per cent) and Independent (100 per cent).

Those facing criminal charges state-wise are four of the seven (57 per cent) MPs from Maharashtra, two out of 5 (40 per cent) MPs from Bihar, one out of six (17 per cent) MPs from Tamil Nadu, one out of five (20 per cent) MPs from West Bengal, two out of four (50 per cent) from Andhra Pradesh and one out of four (25 per cent) MPs from Gujarat.

The figures for other states are: One out of four (25 per cent) MPs from Odisha, one out of three (33 per cent) MPs from Madhya Pradesh, one out of three (33 per cent) MPs from Assam, one out of three (33 per cent) MPs from Rajasthan, and one out of two (50 per cent) MPs from Jharkhand.

Rajya Sabha Elections 2020: Out of the 62 newly elected MPs, 52 (84 per cent) are crorepatis. Alla Ayodhya Rami Reddy of the YSR Congress with assets valued at Rs 25,77,75,79,180 is the richest.

Nathwani Parimal of the YSR Congress with assets valued at Rs 3,96,83,96,198 is the second richest, while Jyotiraditya Scindia of the BJP with assets valued at Rs 3,79,03,29,144 is the third richest.

Maharaja Sanajaoba Leishemba of the BJP has the least assets pegged at Rs 5,48,594. Ashok Gasti of the BJP with assets of Rs 19,40,048 is the second-lowest in the list, while Arpita Ghosh of the TMC with assets totalling Rs 23,89,913 is the third-lowest.

As many as 30 (48 per cent) MPs are aged between 31 and 60 while 32 (52 per cent) MPs are aged between 61 and 90.

Rajya Sabha Elections 2020: The oldest MP is Janata Dal-Secular leader from Karnataka and former Prime Minister H.D. Devegowda at 87. The youngest MP is Mausam Noor, aged 40, from West Bengal. Out of the 62 newly elected MPs, only 8 (13 per cent) are women.

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