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UP cabinet and MLAs soon to get tech savvy

With an aim to make his cabinet more accustomed to technology, Chief Minister of UP, Yogi Adityanath, has decided to give them Ipads and tablets.

According to Yogi, “The functioning of the state government will soon be paperless. It will start with the Cabinet. The next cabinet meeting will be completely paperless. This will speed up work and reduce paper consumption.”

From then on the govt has also decided that all the messages and letter will be sent through i Pads, and for this the cabinet will also receive necessary training.

According to sources, a new desktop and Ipad has already been ordered for the Chief Minister. Yogi is already keeping a track of various online schemes through his “Darpan Dashboard”. With help of this step, he also aims at fast and efficient work, and also contribute to paper conservation.

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