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Who is the real Chanakya in Maharashtra? Debate break out on Twitter

Chanakya has come into the limelight among Maharashtra’s high-voltage political drama. The discussion on Twitter is in full swing who emerged as Chanakya in the Maharashtra episode. Chanakya’s title has been withdrawn from BJP President Amit Shah following the resignation of Devendra Fadnavis as Chief Minister and Ajit Pawar as Deputy Chief Minister. It is now being said that the real Chanakya is NCP chief Sharad Pawar. A discussion has also erupted as to why Chanakya is being dragged into today’s superficial politics. A character like Chanakya is not even visible in today’s leaders.

Senior advocate Prashant Bhushan’s attempt to buy the government in Maharashtra through a midnight plot has failed Shah-Modi. Shah’s Chanakya skill was lost. The BJP ship has now hit a major iceberg. It is sure to sink. Sharing the attack further, Bhushan said in another tweet that if there is any morality left, then Bhagat Singh Koshyari, associated with the RSS, should resign as Governor of Maharashtra, Ramnath Kovind as President, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. . If there is any morality left in the media describing the BJP’s move as masterstroke and Chanakya policy, it should also resign.

A satirical post from the Twitter handle of the Mumbai Congress North District was posted along with the photo. In this picture, Sharad Pawar is saying to Devendra Fadnavis, ‘I sent the nephew to check the itch to become your CM’. A user tweeted a picture of Chanakya and tweeted, ‘Chanakyaji, forgive me, today’s India has dropped to this low level.

Senior journalist Rahul Kanwal tweeted, ‘After this crisis only one person has emerged as Chanakya, he is Sharad Pawar. Many people were thinking that now their political innings is nearing completion. But he has established himself in the national perspective. Not only this, he has emerged as the strong leader to unite the opposition.

Posted on Twitter handle titled My Fellow Indians, Governments in Gujarat, UP, Himachal, Assam got mandate. While Chautala was purchased in Haryana, MLAs in Karnataka and MLAs in North East as well. What Chanakya got after spending 75,000 crores on post-2014 elections, 150 were killed in the demo. CBI, ED, police, governors and paid media were used. In this tweet, a map of India of March 2018 and November 2019 was also put. In 2018, most of the states of the country were shown in saffron color while saffron color was reduced in November 2019.

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