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Whole world considers Sushruta of India as the Father of Surgery

One of the ancient medical practices of the world, Ayurveda has a glorious history of medical science. This science, which has been involved in medical work for almost five thousand years, is also illuminating other medical science. In Ayurveda, specific knowledge of Surgery (Surgery), Shalakya (I&E), Dentistry (Dentistry) is considered to be experimental in the period of Acharya Sushruta, around 3500 years ago i.e. 1500 B.C. The entire Ayurveda scripture has been in the mainstream of medicine in the service of the suffering humanity for centuries. In the course of time, the disciplines of physics, chemistry, technology, pharmaceutical manufacturing science and other sciences developed, allopathy being benefited by the then English rulers. As a result, he gets ample opportunity to grow and flourish.

Only about 50 percent of the people in the world are getting the necessary medical care. In India, only forty percent people are getting allopathy medicine which is about 250 years old. Even after all the efforts of governments, providing medical care to all is a challenging subject. The government started working with the help of about seven lakh medical practitioners of AYUSH with a view to making medical facilities available to all. Today about 450 AYUSH colleges are undergoing training training at the undergraduate and classroom level. They are regulated by the Central Council of Medicine of India, passed in 1970 by the Parliament and established in 1971. The Government of India has redesigned it by establishing it as National Council of Indian Medicine on 24 April 2020.

For almost fifty years the teaching training of this mode established by law has been going on as per standard. India has four Ayurvedic universities, three high-level Ayurveda institutes, the Central Council for Research in Ernakulam Science and other research institutes. In the same order, the previous post Ruikaran was recharged, in which the surgery done in the surgical and Shalakya Shastras was explained. The protest against which has been started by a premier institution called the Indian Medical Association, which is baseless and unreasonable. It is also known that as per the rules, in all Ayurvedic colleges, the surgeon, pathologist, radiologist, obstetrician and gynecologist of allopathic mode are supported in teaching training. Admission to five and a half year BAMS and three year MD / ML course is done by All India Entrance Test. Medical work is allowed only after complete training. In such a state, allopathy practitioners oppose the surgery of Ayurveda practitioners. They know that even today, more than 80 percent of Ayurveda doctors are serving in big nursing homes. Medical treatment of about 60 percent of the patients of India is also being done by AYUSH physicians.

Admission to AYUSH doctor is obtained only after intermediate science. OPD and IPD are fully operational in Ayurvedic college hospitals. When the government wants to solve the health problems of the whole of India with the integration and cooperation of all the medical systems, some people seem to agree. Their opposition is selfish and an attempt to establish a liability. While everyone knows that any legal path is unable to provide health to all. Opposition by some in the government’s Swastinath contemplation is beyond comprehension. The current Chairman, CCIM Vaidya Jayant Dev Pujari has made it clear that we have given legal permission to our physicians. Since the expert on the anesthesia is asked if the ergonomic surgeon has the right to surgery, we have made it clear in writing what the Ayurvedic surgeon can do.

Sushruta had described in detail about hundreds of types of surgical procedures, instruments, alkalis, agnome, rhinoplasty, NASA-dental-oral surgery, etc. which were fully developed thousands of years before Hippocrates (460-370BC). Is only And was in use. The whole world believes Sushruta to be the Father of Surgery, which is still being followed today, then included in it?

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