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Why vegetable basket become a topic of discussion in Delhi’s political corridors

New Delhi : A basket remains a topic of discussion in political circles amid festive atmosphere. This basket is of expensive vegetables, prepared by the Delhi Women’s Congress. Many such baskets have been presented to state BJP President Amrita Dhawan along with her team to BJP MPs of Delhi. No .. not as a gift of Diwali but against the ever increasing prices of vegetables. A memorandum was also given to every MP with the basket. It is written that you are part of the government, so it is your moral duty to get rid of this inflation. MPs Manoj Tiwari and Gautam Gambhir could not live without smiling seeing this basket of potatoes, onions and tomatoes. Whether the people of Delhi get any relief from inflation, but the basket and this experiment are all appreciated.

Sharing sweets on Diwali is a part of Indian culture. Political parties have also carried on this tradition well. But in this Corona period, the Delhi Congress took care of the tradition of sweets as well as protection from infection. Sharing the sweets, along with giving sanitizer and mask, also gave the message of safe Diwali. State President Anil Chaudhary says that it is also necessary to follow tradition and celebrate the festival, but it is also our own responsibility to protect against Kovid-19 infection. If a precaution is taken then this third wave of corona can be made less deadly. This view of the state Congress and its leaders, often targeted by the opposition, was rightly described by everyone. Although the appreciators could not stop taking a pinch to do anything, Delhi is far away for the Congress.

It is said that a mosquito ruins a man, takes his life. One of the worst experiences of a dengue mosquito has been faced by Delhi, Delhi has felt it very closely. This mosquito took the life of many people. Those who have been living in Delhi for a long time will remember that five-six years ago there was a time when the beds in government hospitals fell short, then the patients lay in the hospital gallery and got treatment. But after increased awareness in Delhi, the effect of this mosquito has reduced. Along with the efforts of the Municipal Corporation, Delhi Chief Minister Arvad Kejriwal has also campaigned to curb dengue like last year. His campaign has reached the popular TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati.

The leader has taken off his half sweater. But when will the muffler come out? It is being discussed. Netaji has been wearing a half sweater for the last four days, but everyone is waiting for his muffler. Why not, because this is the muffler who made Netaji ie Arvind Kejriwal a mufflerman. Netaji became more famous than the way he tied it to the muffler. Netaji used to tie the mufflers in such a way that the laborers are working hard to get rid of their cold. There is also a story of this, during the days of struggle, he used to leave the house at 3-4 pm even in the cold time. Mufflers were tied tightly to protect the head and ears from the cold. His style was well liked. Even after becoming the Chief Minister for the second time, the mufflers kept on tying.

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