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Wuhan doctor speaks out against authorities; says we were asked to be silent

A doctor in Wuhan spoke out after seeing several of his colleagues die from the coronavirus, criticizing hospital authorities for suppressing the early warnings of the outbreak in an interview.

In an interview with Chinese magazine Renwu or People,Dr. Ai Fen, emergency director of Wuhan Central Hospital, said she was reprimanded after alerting her superiors and colleagues of a Sars-like virus seen in patients in December.

Wuhan’s doctor Ai Fen said that many of my colleagues died while treating people suffering from this disease. But in December, when we told the top government officials about this virus, we were told to remain silent.

Dr. I. Fen told all these statements in an interview to Chinese magazine Renwu. Dr. Fen Wuhan is the Director of the Emergency Department at Central Hospital.

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