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Cartosat-3: India’s ‘eye’ launch into space, will keep an eye on every enemy activity

Cartosat-3, the latest satellite of Cartosat series called India’s eye in the sky, has been successfully placed in its orbit. The 13 small satellites of the US that went with it have also been successfully sent into their orbits in space.

PM Modi congratulated ISRO

After the successful launch of Cartosat-3, PM Modi congratulated ISRO. He tweeted and wrote that I congratulate the ISRO team for the successful launch of the indigenous Cartosat-3 satellite by PSLV-C47 and more than a dozen nanosatellites in the United States. Cartosat-3 will enhance our high-resolution imaginative capability. ISRO has once again made the country proud.

Cartosat-3 was successfully launched from Sriharikota on Wednesday morning. It will keep a close watch on every activity of the enemy. 13 small satellites from the US were also sent from the rocket PSLV carrying it. Before this, eight satellites of Cartoset series have been sent.

With better capability and the latest technology, this satellite has departed from Sriharikota center at 9:28 am. ISRO reported, the recently formed commercial arm New Space India Limited had already tied up to launch 13 US nanosatellites. Cartoset-3 weighing around 1625 kg will be placed in orbit 509 km away. Cartoset-3 will be five years old.

Countdown started 26 hours ago

The countdown for the satellite was started by ISRO at 7:28 am on Tuesday. Cartoset Earth Observation Satellite is a satellite that can take a clear picture of the Earth. Its picture will be so clear that the time of the clock tied in the hands of a person can also be seen clearly. Its job is mainly to monitor India’s land from space.

Surveillance Satellite sent earlier

ISRO has launched 2 surveillance satellites in April and May. Surveillance satellite RISAT-2B was launched on 22 May and EMISAT on 1 April. The main task of both is to keep an eye on the radar of the enemies. With satellite, ISRO will make an unprecedented contribution to India’s strategic preparedness.

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