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Deadly Coronavirus claims the life of the Tale Teller

Over the span of last two months, coronavirus has grafted a global fear. Last night, at around 9:30, the virus carried Li Wenliang, a medical doctor off, who was among the first eight whistleblowers, to have warned the public about the virus, before it caught momentum.

Earlier last month, the police had apprehended the doctor and censored his claim to ‘spreading rumours’.

Aggression flared up, as many in the city, blamed the officials of not taking any functional step to control the reach of the virus. “Those who tell the truth are arrested for spreading rumours and those who tell nothing but lies become the leaders,” a posted on Weibo said of his death. “What a sign of our times!”

The virus has hitherto claimed the existence of 636 people and has already infected over 31,000 others. The doctors death added insult to the peoples injuries, who are already in a state of constant fear and panic, thanks to the coronavirus.

The doctor first came in contact with the virus, just when he was treating a patient, who at that time was not aware of the fact that he was already infected with the virus.

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