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How to save your gmail emails to google drive

Google Drive is used to store docs,photos and important information.
But Mail is used to send docs,photos and information to another person.
But whenever there is a need to send huge amount of information (say >25 MB) cannot be sent via google mail.
Then we need to save the information in the drive and share the link.
Google provides a basic version of drive in which the user can store upto 15 GB
Gmail and Google Drive do share your default allocated free space of 15 GB. At the bottom of your Gmail, you will see an indication of how much space you have left.
You can also see how much space you have in Gmail and other Google applications including Chrome by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner > manage account > under “Account Storage” you will see how much space you have used and for details click on “Manage storage” to the breakdown of how much your Google applications are using of your allotment.

Steps of How to save your gmail emails to google drive?
There are mention different solution with required steps of How to save your gmail emails to google drive. So please check these steps carefully.
Solution 1. Share Google Drive to Another Account through Download & Upload
It is one of the common way to share Google Drive data. Simply follow the steps mentioned below:
Step 1: Download Data from First Google Drive Account
#1. First of all, sign in to source Google account
#2. After that, check all the data items that you want to move
#3. Click the 3 dots icon and choose Download option
#4. Wait until all data get downloaded successfully
Step 2: Upload Data to Second Google Drive Account
#1. Now, sign in to the destination Google account
#2. Click on the Upload button and Browse all downloaded data
#3. Click the Open button
#4. Wait until all data get uploaded successfully
#5. Now, a user can easily use any of these three ways to share Google-Drive folders to another Google Drive account.
Referred Article: https://www.datarecovery.institu…
Solution 2. Google Takeout is a free application to keep the backup of Google account data. You can utilize this freeware tool to execute the mentioned task:
#1. To begin the procedure, sign in to your Google account
#2. Then, go to Personal Information & Privacy section and select Control your Content
#3. Hit on Create Archive option and select all the data to be included in the archive from the list of Google products. Hit Next button for further process to migrate data from one Google account to another
#4. Here, choose the file type from .zip or .tgz and Maximum Archive Size
#5. Now, select Add to Drive option or send download link via email as the delivery option
#6. Next, click on Create Archive button
#7. Select Manage Archive and navigate to Downloads option
From here, download the Zip file
#8. After this, sign in to your another Gmail account in which you are required to migrate data
#9. Extract & Upload the downloaded Zip file contents in the destination Google account

Deag and Drop Method of How to save your gmail emails to google drive?
There is also a dreg and drop method for “ How to save your gmail emails to google drive?”. So check this method also.
#1. Drag and Drop: Using this manual method you can drag and drop your files one by one to your G Drive.
#2. Use Backup and Sync Option: All you have to do is install the app on your system and then, you will see an icon on your computer. Drag and drop folders into it. They will sync it on their own and you will be able to see it on Google Drive.

Google Takeout: Transfer/Download Your Google Data Directly
#1. Login to your Gmail Account.
#2. Visit directly: Transfer/Download Google Data…
#3. Here you will get the simple way download data of all Google Products.
#4. In Every Google Products, you can select further through ‘Drop Down’ icon. For Ex: Click on ‘Drop Down’ icon next to Gmail and here you will get 2 options:
#5. (i) Include all of your Mail (ii) Select Labels
#6. once done click on ‘Create Archive’ button and get it via email or save it on Cloud.
That’s it.

To back up individual files the easiest way is to use the Google app called Files then from the list of files you can see in the app by long pressing on one the option to save to drive is available you can then save that one file or choose all the files you want to backup. You can then also delete them from the phone if space is an issue. Your default file manager may have the option to share a file and drive will be one of the options to share too but the app Files is much simpler to use and has other good features.

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