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ISRO set new record: launches 300 foreign satellites in 20 years

Two months ago, the ISRO tried to land Lander Vikram on the south pole of the moon, which of course did not succeed, but on Wednesday, the space agency set a new record. The agency successfully launched American’s 13 nanosatellites with the Earth Observation Satellite Cartosat-3 via PSLV-C47. Launching more than 300 satellites from 33 countries over two decades has proved to be a milestone for ISRO. Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated ISRO’s team and tweeted, ‘I congratulate the ISRO team for the successful launch of the indigenous Cartosat-3 satellite by PSLV-C47 and more than a dozen nanosatellites in the United States. Cartosat-3 will enhance our high-resolution imaginative capability. ISRO has once again made the country proud.

On Wednesday, 17 minutes after the rocket was launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, Cartosat-3 successfully orbited the space in 509 km. The next 10 minutes later he placed 13 Nanosatellites in the US in their respective orbits. It will keep a close watch on every activity of the enemy.

The 1,625-kg Cartosat-3 is the first of the third generation Earth Observation Satellite with the highest resolution imaging capability and the ninth of the Cartosat series. After launching, ISRO Chairman K Sivan said, “Cartosat-3 is the most complex and advanced Earth Observation Satellite ever developed by ISRO.” It will be five years old.

Earlier, ISRO launched surveillance satellite RISAT-2B on 22 May and AMISAT (Electronic Intelligence Satellite) on 1 April. AMISAT helps DRDO monitor the radar of enemies. According to sources, this satellite will be used to gather intelligence and keep vigil on the border.

Intelligence is said to have been collected from Cartosat-1 and 2 satellites for the surgical strike carried out in Pakistan. However, it was not officially confirmed. Cartosat satellites can take pictures of the Earth in any season. Through this, clear pictures can be taken from the sky up to a height of one feet from the ground both day and night.

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