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Know how Pfizer’s corona vaccine is beneficial for India

New Delhi: The success of American biotech company Moderna and Pfizer-BioNotech against the Corona virus can prove to be extremely helpful for India. Pfizer’s vaccine has been proven to be 95 percent effective and has also stopped the Phase III trial, which has been successful. The special thing is that these mRNA based vaccines will also be suitable for India in terms of climate, geographical conditions, maintenance and use.

Although Moderna and Pfizer-BioNotech have announced the interim results of the success of the Phase III vaccine study, there are 10 more vaccines that are undergoing Phase III trials. Pfizer’s vaccine was found to be 95 and Moderna’s 94.5 percent effective. If the results in the detailed study are more than 90 percent, then this vaccine will be considered as effective as the measles vaccine. Thus the vaccine would exceed the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standard of 50 percent effectiveness. Since no adverse effects of these vaccines have been seen in the trial so far, the two companies may apply for emergency use in the coming week. The United States has ordered 100 million doses of both vaccines. Pfizer has agreed to provide 300 million doses to the European Union, apart from Canada, Britain and Japan.

The list of corona-free countries has been prepared on the basis of John Hopkins University.
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Different view: Both vaccines use synthetic genetic material in place of the actual corona virus. This is called the messenger RNA, or MRN, that makes the disease-resistant system capable of fighting the corona virus. After vaccination, the patient’s cells start churning out the spike proteins of the corona virus. Thus, they alert the immune system and stimulate it to fight against the real virus. The development of vaccines for other diseases is also underway with this system, but none of them have got the green signal so far. Both vaccines are built on the same principle, yet they have some differences. Modern vaccines can be stored at relatively high temperatures. This aspect will play an important role in the delivery of the vaccine. Especially in countries with low income and hot climate.

The national capital recorded a minimum temperature of 10.6 degrees Celsius.
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Oxford’s prospects also increase: India has already reserved 1.6 billion doses of the vaccine through various suppliers, but the results of the new study will force the government to think elsewhere. The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is the most reliable of the vaccine manufacturers with which India has an agreement. Study results of Moderna and Pfizer are also in its favor. However, their techniques are different, but motivate all three cells to produce proteins, thereby increasing disease resistance. The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine may also have interim results soon. If successful, vaccine delivery may also begin by the end of the year.

India has booked Kovid-19 dose (AP)
India has booked 1 billion doses of Kovid-19, know-how RNA vaccine will work
DNA: It gathers instructions for proteins in the nucleus.

MRNA: It is a group of temporal instructions of cells to prepare proteins. It is made using DNA.

Protein: It forms the basis of life, working according to the needs of the cells. It is produced through the use of mRNA.

The corona virus started slowing down in India. (Photo- ANI)
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How long: 5 days at refrigerator temperature, 30 days at refrigerator temperature and 12 hours at room temperature

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