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Ransomware attack prevention: What is ransomware; How to prevent it

ransomware attack prevention

Ransomware attack prevention: Ransomware is a type of software program that can cause you heavy monetary loss if not taken appropriate steps on time to prevent it. Usually, the hackers or cybercriminals target companies, steal their data and ask for a heavy amount for not revealing these details to the public.

In layman’s terms, the term ransomware is used for viruses, spyware and worms etc. All three are forms of the virus.

Ransomware can access your files and transfer them to any other device. Through this hackers can steal your information, photos, videos, bank or account-related information.

Ransomware attack prevention: Criminals’ modus-operandi

There are many reasons for a ransomware attack on a computer. The biggest reason for this is the downloading done from the Internet. The more you download, the greater the risk of attack.

Ransomware viruses easily reach our system through the content, pictures, videos or songs etc. we take from the Internet.

Sometimes a removable device such as a pen drive or any external hard disk installed in the computer also becomes the cause of ransomware. If you have inserted any such pen drive or memory card in your system, which already has a virus, then it can be dangerous for your system.

Ransomware attack prevention: How to prevent a ransomware attack

Download songs or pictures etc. only from trusted websites. You may have to pay some money for this but it will be good for your system.

If your system does not have Anti Virus then install it immediately.

Keep updating your system’s anti-virus from time to time. This will also keep on knowing whether the antivirus is working properly or not.

Protect your important data with a password, so that it is not easy to steal or hack. The password you set must contain both numbers and letters.

Install Firewall on your PC. A firewall acts as a security wall between the computer and the Internet. Always keep it on.

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