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3 countries win the match and series in a single day,check details here

Sunday, November 29 was a very special day for the three teams, while three teams and their fans had a very disappointing day as three teams won their respective international series, while three teams also won the series as well as matches. Had to lose. This was because there was a decisive contest between 6 countries in different series, in which three teams won the series and as many teams lost the series.

In fact, on 29 November, the ODI match between India and Australia, T20 match between South Africa and England and T20 International match between New Zealand and West Indies was also played. The surprising thing was that it was a do-or-die match for India, West Indies and South Africa, as all three teams had lost their first match, but none of the teams performed well.

On the other hand, Australia defeated India in the second ODI and won the series, while New Zealand defeated the West Indies and took the T20 series. At the same time, South Africa suffered a defeat at the hands of England and lost the series. Australia, South Africa and New Zealand have won the series 2–0, 2–0. Even these three international series started on the same day i.e. 27 November.

England won

Out of these three different series, two series have been won by the countries that are hosting the second team, like India has been defeated by Australia, while the West Indies have been defeated by New Zealand. However, this is not the case with England’s team, as England have defeated hosts South Africa at their home. Now the next matches of these three series are going to be held for three consecutive days. The New Zealand vs West Indies match is scheduled to be played on 30 November, while the South Africa vs England match will be played on 1 December and Australia vs India match on 2 December.

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