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5 tips to stay safe online

Just like in our real life / world, criminal incidents keep happening somewhere, in the same way cyber criminals on the internet are also involved in executing some similar criminal incidents. If these cyber criminals are not given attention in time, then they can harm you in a big way. We have read many big cyber crimes through the news like some time ago we were found by Chinese cyber criminals to damage and hijack some administrative sites of India. Is one of the few major cyber crimes. Internet or browser hijack. But if we are vigilant then we can avoid the grip of these crimes, today we have brought some tips for you through which you can stay safe online, and avoid hijackers.

Be cautious while downloading anything

Often when opening a webpage you may have seen a message that your computer has been affected by virus. To avoid this, download antivirus immediately and scan your system. Never click on this visible message. Even when downloading anything like movies, files, songs etc. you need to be more cautious.

Always update

Often we do not update the browser and antivirus software, sometimes we do, but not doing it for a long time has a lot of effect on it. Also, there are some problems in the old software version, due to which they do not recognize malware, adware and viruses and cyber criminals take advantage of it, so you should always update your browser and antivirus software.

Download software from trusted site

If you use a site to download software that is giving you four application bundles instead of one, then it is very important to be careful with that. If possible, avoid downloading any application from such site, only by avoiding these you can stay safe online. With this, if you have downloaded any application by mistake and after that you are seeing some wrong effect on your computer, then uninstall this application at the same time.

Disable unnecessary add-ons

If you see that there are some activities happening in your browser that are not even in your knowledge, then first of all, see if there are some add-ons in your system without downloading them. And if this is happening then be cautious, and first disable or remove such add-ons. To check add-ons in the Chrome browser, go to Settings – Extensions and check all the add-ons there. If you see any add-on here, delete it at the same time, and take care of them from the beginning.

Download anti-virus

If you want your PC or laptop, mobile or tab to always be protected from viruses, malware, etc. then always try that your system has a good anti-virus or you can also download it. But the thing to keep in mind here is that you scan your system from time to time. Here we are telling you about some good and high quality anti-viruses through which you can easily stay safe, such as Avast, Free AVG, Avira, eSet, CarsPersky, Microsoft Security Essentials and Symantec etc.

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