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Amazing! Man befools Google; How it was possible?

A man in Berlin, Germany, apparently tricked on Google Maps.

Simon Weckert was pulling around 99 smartphones in a wheelbarrow while walking through the city. This caused Google Maps to record severe congestion where it walked and the streets turned red on Google Maps.
Google Maps can be an excellent navigation and traffic tool that is very useful, however, this does not mean you cannot be fooled.
Simon Weckert, a Berlin-based artist, tricked the famous app into thinking that a completely empty street is full of traffic. What he did was great, he filled a wagon with 99 smartphones and opened Maps navigation on all of them. Slowly, he pulled out the graphic through the streets of Berlin, ironically, including the street just outside the Google office in Berlin. Very soon, the red traffic street could be seen on Google Maps.
The YouTube description says “99 smartphones are transported in a wheelbarrow to generate virtual traffic jams in Google Maps. Through this activity, it is possible to convert a red-green street that has an impact on the physical world by navigating another route to avoid getting stuck in traffic. #googlemapshacks “.

It is likely that all these smartphones have to be turned on, with location services and data usage for this to happen. Also, the fact that he was in the middle of the street throwing these phones in a cart could be the reason why Maps did not assume that there were many people walking.



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