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Amit Shah learning Bangla for West Bengal Assembly polls

New Delhi: There is still a year left for the assembly elections in West Bengal. BJP President Amit Shah has already started preparing for it. Shah is learning the Bengali language. For this, they have hired a teacher. The effort is for the president of BJP to at least begin to understand this language and begin his speeches at the meetings of West Bengal in Bangla, which will make the speech effective. Shah has also studied classical music. To relax, Shah resorts to classical music and yoga.

According to an important BJP leader in Bengal, there is nothing new in this. The president of BJP is learning four languages ​​spoken in different states of the country, including Bengali and Tamil. Shah is considered a master of electoral strategy. Shah has different strategies for each election. But after losing in the elections of the assembly of Maharashtra, Haryana, and Jharkhand, Shah now wants to maintain the electoral command in Bengal. For this, communication and coordination with workers is necessary. Language should not be hindered in this strategy, because Shah is learning Bengali.

Many wonder how Amit Shah speaks good Hindi despite spending years in Gujarat. About this, sources say that Amit Shah had control over Hindi during his time in jail and that the court imposed a two-year ban on entering Gujarat. He toured the entire country before becoming president of BJP and visited the main pilgrimage sites. This allowed him to understand the political, social and religious aspects of all parts of the country.

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