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Bill Gates tells what is the biggest decrease in electric car

Bill Gates, the second richest man in the world, recently bought an electric car. In an interview with YouTuber Marques Brownlee, Bill Gates explained the shortcomings of the electric car. Along with this, he also discussed the advantages of electric cars.

Bill Gates has bought the electric car Porsche Taycan. Talking about electric cars, he said that this is my first electric car and I am enjoying it. But when he was asked about buying other people’s electric car, he said that excluding the price, the main problem of electric vehicle is its range (distance covered in one charge).

Gates’ car has a 93.0kWh battery pack which covers a distance of 500 km once full charge. Gates said that when you travel a long distance, it has to be charged and it takes a lot longer to fill the gas to charge it.

However, Bill Gates also mentioned the advantages of electric car and said that it is eco-friendly. This reduces the damage to the environment. He also said that the cost of maintenance in an electric car is less as well as the cost of gas to be filled in the car.

The Porsche TyCan takes 0-100 km speed in 2.8 seconds. Gates already has a whole fleet of great cars, however, his electric car at the moment shows its importance. New innovations are happening on the day of electric car. The Tesla Model S Long range can go 713 km on full charging once. However, the range of cars that Gates has purchased is much less.

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