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Coriander water increases immunity

Coriander seeds are mostly used to enhance the taste in food, if its water is drunk daily, it also gives many health benefits to the body. The potassium, vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium present in it relieve many problems related to health.
Prevent liver disease
The fiber present in coriander water and essential oil prevents liver diseases.

Prevent typhoid

A special element dodenal is found in coriander water. It kills the bacteria of typhoid.

Keep away from heart problem

Coriander water increases good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol.
Drinking it daily reduces the risk of heart related diseases.

Increase immunity

Coriander is an ascorbic acid antioxidant present in water and increases the body’s immunity. This reduces the risk of cold, cough.
Remove the stench of the mouth
Drinking coriander water daily also removes the problem of bad mouth and breath.

Ulcer problem

Coriander water increases the production of collagen tissue. This eliminates the problem of ulcers.

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