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Coronavirus In India: How To Stay Safe From Coronavirus

How to stay safe from coronavirus

Although this virus has a tendency to spread rapidly, it can be kept safe from it. You should also encourage others to stay safe. We have been watching many videos and reading many blogs about it, and in this post, we would like to share information about how to stay safe from coronavirus.

Wash / disinfect your hands frequently

We touch many things around us. And then we touch our faces. The virus enters our body through our eyes, nose and mouth. When we touch a surface that could be infected and then touch our face, we will let the virus enter our bodies. It is a good practice to wash your hands frequently. If most of the time you stay inside, it doesn’t have to be so frequent. If it is mainly outdoors, wash them as often as possible. Use a hand sanitizer if you cannot access a hand wash.

Wear a mask

Wearing a facial mask prevents you from touching your face, especially your nose and mouth. It also prevents the inhalation of air droplet particles. If you have a cold and sneeze, protect the other people around you. Do not wear a simple mask. Use those that cover your face correctly. You can get an air pollution mask at a medical store that will cover your face in a more sophisticated way than a simple medical mask.

Travel less and stay indoors

The busiest places, airports, cinemas, shopping centers, etc. They are the most dangerous places. It increases the chances of getting infected from someone infected. Avoid these places as much as you can. The less you travel and leave, the less chance you will have of contracting Coronavirus.

Disseminate the information

Just as I took an initiative to disseminate information about Coronavirus and how to stay safe from it, you should blog about it, make a video about it and share content with others. Because it doesn’t matter what we do individually. If we have to control the spread of this virus within the country and the world, we must be proactive and make sure everyone is safe. If more people become infected, the greater the possibility that we will also get infected.

Prevent misinformation

There is a lot of wrong information about Coronavirus. Some people think that it comes from Chinese food. Some people think they could get it from items imported from China. The only way it can spread is from human to human proximity and physical contact. Although it is true that the cause of the outbreak in China and most of the infected people are Chinese, it is important not to be racist on this issue. If you see wrong information about this problem, correct them, for yourself and others. As of now, there is no cure or vaccine for this virus.

Do not quarantine a group

If it is known that someone is infected with Coronavirus, it is best to isolate it. If they are part of a group, it is not recommended to quarantine the entire group. This is a big mistake and just stupid. Japan quarantined an entire cruise because it was known that some were infected and ended up infecting more than 700 people. (Google about it). So, if there is a passenger on an aircraft or a bus that is known to be infected with Coronavirus, they should be isolated. If the entire group is in quarantine, all members of the group will be infected, which will be a greater risk for all others.

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