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How does Google answer to all your questions, know here

New Delhi: If a question has arisen in your mind and you want to know the answer, then what comes first in your mind, is not Google. Google is the first to answer any question in the minds of all of us. We can ask Google anything. It is capable of answering our every question. We get the answer to our every question in a few clicks on Google. If seen, Google plays an important role in our life. But have you ever tried to know from where Google brings all this information. Does Google answer our own question or does it copy from somewhere? If you have not thought about it yet, here we are giving you information about it.

This is how Google delivers accurate information to you:

Crawling: Its first step is Crawling. Google first looks at what is available on the web pages. This requires Google to constantly crawl pages. Google is constantly adding new pages to its index. This process itself is called Crawling. . For this, if you do not know about the Google bot of Web Crawlers, then it is a Web Crawlers software. These Crawlers look for webpages. Finding these webpages, Crawlers follow the links on them. These Crawlers collect data from link to link and bring it to Google’s servers. Through this process new and fresh pages are added to the Google index. Let us know that through the algorithm process of Google bot, it is selected which website to crawl. Just like you search any information, Google’s Web Crawlers also work.

To improve site crawling, do:

In order to crawl any page better one has to submit the URL of single page to Google. In such a situation, we have to link our page with a link that Google already knows, that is, this page already exists in Google’s index. If you ask Google to crawl any of your pages, then it should be the homepage because it is the important page of your site. Apart from this, one more thing is important and that your homepage has a good site navigation system. Let me tell you that Google does not charge money to crawl any website that its website should be crawled as much as possible.

Indexing: When Crawlers find a webpage, the company’s system checks or renders the content of that page. It includes images and videos in addition to page content. Google sees what the page that has been crawled is. This process is very much like a browser search. Many things are taken care of such as keywords and newness of the website (nothing should be copy-pasted on the website. Every content should be fresh). Google’s system tracks all the information contained in the search index. In this step, duplicate content is canceled or canceled. All this information is stored in the Google Index and a large database is created.

To improve page indexing, do the following:

Whenever you create a title for your page, make it short and meaningful. Keep a heading that relates to the content of your page. Use more text than images to explain the content. This is because Google can understand some images and videos but not the way Google understands text.

Serving Result: Whenever we type something on Google, we get every answer related to our question. However, it depends on many things. It has the highest page rank. In this way, Google gets the answer to every question in front of you in seconds.
Here was the start of Google: Talk about the beginning of Google, it was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the year 1996. It was started during a research. In the case of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both of them were students of PHD at Stanford University, California. These two are also called Google Guides. When he started having problems while studying, due to lack of convenient internet, he created this search engine. Both of them have made this search engine such that looking at the quality of any website here, it is shown first in the search results.

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