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iPhone 12 all three models release date, leaks and what we’re expecting

The iPhone 12 must be a big change in Apple’s smartphone. The iPhone 11 range brought very little in terms of an update. With new camera settings and more power, they were modest updates to the popular iPhone range

Launch date and price of iPhone 12

There are still no official rumors about the release date of the iPhone 12, but come on, we are almost sure to know when it will appear. Apple launches its new phones almost metronically, and although every year there is a rumor that it is changing, it is always celebrated at a similar time. First, the new iPhone release date will definitely be September 2020, and it’s always around the second week. So let’s guess that we will see Apple introduce the iPhone 12 on September 8 (or possibly September 15 if you want to reach a later sale date).You can pick it up 10 days after that, so you’ll need a Friday out of work if you’re desperate to get one.

Price Of iPhone 12

When it comes to the price of the iPhone 12, it is likely to stay in line with current models. For reference, the iPhone 11 starts at $ 699 / £ 729 / AU $ 1,199, the iPhone 11 Pro starts at $ 999 / £ 1,049 / AU $ 1,749, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at $ 1,099 / £ 1,149 / AU $ 1,899.
That said, a report suggests that the cost of materials for the iPhone 12 range could increase, which could mean even higher prices in retail.

Name of the iPhone 12

First things first: we are pretty sure that Apple 2020 phones will be called iPhone 12 series, not 11S or similar, thanks to an industry analyst (with an excellent track record) who says as such.That’s why we call it iPhone 12, although Apple has not confirmed this name. Others might be calling it iPhone 2020 or the ‘new iPhone’, but we’re not thinking that is the nickname for Apple.

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