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Know all about satellite phone and why is it so expensive?

Satellite phones (SATELLITE PHONE) connect to satellites unlike normal cell phones, which are connected to terrestrial mobile sites. It interacts bypassing the local telecommunications system. Every country has different rules of its use in law.

What is a satellite phone?

Satellite phone means that the phone in which the network is provided by the satellite, in this type of phone, contact can only be made from one satellite phone to another. When each other is contacted, the signal from the network first goes to the satellite after leaving one satellite phone, after which this signal is sent by the satellite to another phone.

Benefits of Satellite Phone

Satellite phones are used by the army stationed at the border of the country, because there cannot be any tower planted due to war. Satellite phone is used to contact each other during war time. The movement of electricity in the disaster affected area is stopped, so that any major damage can be prevented. Due to lack of power supply, the towers stop working. Connections can be made using satellite phones at such places and assistance can be sent to the required places.

Can we buy satellite phones?

Special laws have been made to buy satellite phones in India, not only in India, there are different laws for this. Three companies offer Iridium, Globalstar and Tharaya Satphone. Of these, Iridium has services all over the world, Globalstar 80 per cent and Tharaya services in India, other parts of Asia, Africa, West Asia and Europe.

It can be said in clear letters that we cannot buy satellite phones directly. For that, we have to contract. And its price is determined according to the network coverage area.

Its calling costs Rs 20 to 25 per minute. And recently BSNL started satellite phone service in 2017, according to which they also claimed to sell 4,000 handsets in various departments. According to the claim 10,000 setphones were expected to be sold by March 2019.

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