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New strain of coronavirus finds in a woman escaping from Delhi airport

There have been 6 cases of new strains of Covid spread in Britain in India. On Tuesday, one of the 6 people who confirmed the new look by the Ministry of Health is a woman who escaped from the train to Andhra Pradesh after landing at the Delhi airport from Britain. After the confirmation of the new form of infection in women, the possibility of its spread has increased significantly.

A health department official said that the woman had returned to India from Britain recently, but she escaped from Delhi Airport and reached her home in Andhra Pradesh via AP Express. When the officers searched the woman, it was found that she had symptoms of a new corona strain.

The woman was examined and the sample sent to CCMB Hyderabad. The new strain has been confirmed in two people in the lab in Hyderabad, one of which is a woman. Now the reason for this can be big trouble. Sources say that the incident provided an opportunity for new strains to spread in India. This is a matter of great concern.
These new strains have been found in 6 people who have returned from Britain, three of them have been found in genome sequencing investigations from labs in Bangalore, two in Hyderabad and one in Pune. Reports of some of those who returned from Britain were genome-schwissing released on Tuesday.

The central government says that between 25 November and 23 December, 33 thousand people from Britain return to India. All were tracked and tested. Of these, a total of 114 people have been found to be corona positive. Their samples were sent to different labs.

Reports from there have found a new form of corona in a sample of 6 of these people. All these people have been kept in a self-isolation room by the government of their state, while the people in contact with them have been quarantined.

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