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Powerful car of Trump reaches in India: Know unique features

US President Donald Trump is visiting India at the invitation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Trump’s visit to India on February 24 and 25 will be accompanied by his wife Melania Trump. The US President is called the most powerful President in the world. Part of his strength is also a car used for the president. So tell you the specialty of Trump’s powerful car..

His car ‘The Beast’ has reached India before Trump came to India. It is said that there is no other car in the world like it. This is the reason why whenever Trump visits other countries, his car is delivered there. It is said to be the safest car in the world. The limousine car used for the trump was rebuilt after becoming president and is equipped with modern weapons.

Structure and Chassis

Trump’s car structure is made of 5-inch thick steel, aluminum, titanium and ceramic. The steel chassis is fitted with a steel plate to avoid any bomb blasts.


The car has 5 inch thick layer glass which is capable of withstanding any kind of bullet. However, the driver’s side window has 3 inch thick glass so that the driver can contact the service agent during the emergency.

Doors and oil tanks

The car has 8 inch thick doors and once these doors are closed, then there is no effect of any attack on them. It has a special foam full proof tank so that the oil tank does not fire during the attack and the explosion.


Tires that are not punctured are made for this car. If the tire breaks in attack or firing, the steel rim in the wheels does not reduce the speed of the car.

The car carries a variety of modern guns and a special gun that fires at the attacker. The car has fire fighting equipment, tear gas and smoke screen which helps in saving the car in an emergency. Blood is always stored in a refrigerator, matching the blood group of the president in the car.
कार This car has seating for four people including the President. Each seat can be separated as a chamber through glass. The president has only the button to lower this glass up and down. The seat on which Trump sits in the car has a satellite phone next to which he can talk directly to the Pentagon and the Vice President. They also have a panic button and an oxygen supply button.


The driver driving this car is a junk commando. This driver is able to drive the car under any condition. The driver’s cabin is kept separate from the glass.

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