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Realme launches first smartphone with satellite navigation system

Realme has launched the first navigator (NAVIC) navigation support smartphone in India. Madhav Seth, CEO of Reality has given this information via a tweet. Sailor India has its own satellite navigation system. Seth revealed that not only the world’s first with navigator support but also the second phone will also be offered by Realme, which will be unveiled on March 5.

While Manu Kumar Jain, vice president of Xiaomi and managing director of Xiaomi India, had said in a tweet on 25 February that his Redmi smartphone is coming, which will be the first Navik (Navic) navigation support smartphone in India.

But before this, Realme has once again given a big message to Xiaomi by launching such a smartphone. In fact, even before this, the two companies have been seen prancing with each other, in which Realme has also responded to Xiaomi in a great way.

Explain that after being called a ‘copy-cat brand’ in the Indian smartphone market, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi gave a bewildering reply, Madhav Seth, CEO of rival company Real Me, said on Twitter, “Real innovative brands and market leaders behave like this Don’t. ”

Responding to an earlier tweet by Manu Kumar Jain, Seth tweeted, “A real innovative brand and market leader does not behave like this. Original dignity and ethics must be maintained. No matter how much you do on the growth of your competitor Why not be insecure. ”

In fact, the tussle between the two companies started on Twitter a week earlier. At the time, Jain tweeted, “Ridiculous! A copy-cat brand makes fun of us. Later it brings brand advertising and some people start blaming us. Most brands resort to advertisements, but only Xiaomi Is reprimanded. We are transparent about our business model. If a journalist wants to understand our Internet business, I’d be happy to talk! ”

When contacted, Seth told IANS, “It does not suit brands to downplay their corporate ethics and muddle on social media, as it only hurts the sentiments of the overall industry. We can better show our users here The focus of the experiences and Real Me is to provide experience. ”

In May last year, there was a war on Twitter between the two smartphone companies. It started with Jain’s tweet against Real Me. In this, he took a sarcasm at Realme 3-Pro, with Xiaomi claiming that Real Me has used Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 in this phone, which is older than its Snapdragon 675. Xiaomi said that he has used Snapdragon 675 in his latest device, the Redmi Note-7 Pro.

Actually, Xiaomi had tried to degrade Real Me through this, because Real Me had strengthened its hold in the Indian market in a very short time. But Real Me also gave a befitting reply to this.

Seth reacted saying that Xiaomi felt insecure about his success. He said, “Somebody’s scared.”

Xiaomi occupied 28 percent of the market in calendar year 2019. At the same time, Real Me registered a growth of 255 percent during this period. During this period, Real Me also managed to dominate the 10 per cent market. While this company landed in the country market, it was barely a year.

Seth tweeted, “We will focus on making Real Me the best in 2020. The rest is his choice, we are not bothered.”

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