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Tenkya Attack: These 56 apps may cause trouble for you

Google’s Play Store may not be the wild west of malware that it once was, but it seems like we can’t go a week or two without hearing about some dangerous piece of malware that managed to sneak under Google’s radar. While Google has taken steps to make its Play Store a bit more secure and reliable, many malicious apps are becoming much more creative when it comes to avoiding detection as a result.

More recently, security researchers at Check Point Research discovered a new type of malware that lurked in 24 children’s games and 32 utility applications. Dubbed Tekya, the malware is essentially focused on committing mobile ad fraud and will generate fake clicks on a variety of seemingly genuine ads. And while the malware infecting 56 apps may not seem like much at first glance, keep in mind that the 56 apps involved have already been downloaded more than a million times to date. In particular, some of the malicious apps managed to gain traction simply by copying artwork from existing and already popular mobile apps.

“Tekya malware obfuscates native code to avoid detection by Google Play Protect and uses the” MotionEvent “mechanism on Android (introduced in 2019) to mimic user actions and generate clicks,” the report read.

“During this investigation,” adds the report, “the Tekya family of malware was not detected by VirusTotal and Google Play Protect.”

Malicious apps were finally detected and removed from Play Store. But again, that wasn’t until they were cumulatively downloaded more than a million times.

Here’s a list of 56 Android apps which the package malicious :

  1. caracal.raceinspace.astronaut
  3. com.leo.letmego
  4. com.caculator.biscuitent
  5. com.pantanal.aquawar
  6. com.pantanal.dressup
  9. travel.withu.translate
  10. allday.a24h.translate
  11. banz.stickman.runner.parkour
  12. best.translate.tool
  13. com.banzinc.littiefarm
  14. com.bestcalculate.multifunction
  15. com.folding.blocks.origami.mandala
  16. com.goldencat.hillracing
  17. com.hexa.puzzle.hexadom
  19. com.maijor.cookingstar
  20. com.major.zombie
  21. com.mimochicho.fastdownloader
  22. com.nyanrev.carstiny
  23. com.pantanal.stickman.warrior
  24. com.pdfreader.biscuit
  25. com.splashio.mvm
  26. com.yeyey.translate
  27. leo.unblockcar.puzzle
  30. multi.translate.threeinone
  31. pro.infi.translator
  32. rapid.snap.translate
  33. smart.language.translate
  35. biaz.jewel.block.puzzle2019
  36. biaz.magic.cuble.blast.puzzle
  37. biscuitent.imgdownloader
  38. biscuitent.instant.translate
  39. com.besttranslate.biscuit
  40. com.inunyan.breaktower
  41. com.leo.spaceship
  43. fortuneteller.tarotreading.horo
  44. ket.titan.block.flip
  45. mcmc.ebook.reader
  46. swift.jungle.translate
  47. com.leopardus.happycooking
  49. com.tapsmore.challenge
  51. com.hexamaster.anim
  52. com.twmedia.downloader
  53. com.caracal.burningman
  54. com.caracal.burningman
  55. com.cuvier.amazingkitchen
  56. bis.wego.translate

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