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Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Vehicle’s Milage

Everyone wants his car or bike to give maximum mileage. There are many people who get regular good mileage, while there are many people whose car increases fuel consumption a lot, there can be many reasons for low mileage in the car. So if you are also worried about the low mileage of your car or bike, then here we are telling you some such measures which can reduce the fuel consumption of your car. Let us know-

1. Nitrogen air

If you do not keep regular air pressure right in the tires of your vehicle, then this is a big reason for low mileage. So check the tire pressure twice a week. By doing this, the mileage of the vehicle will be improved.

Nowadays nitrogen is available in air-free, so if nitrogen is filled in the tires, then the mileage increases and the performance of the vehicle also improves.

2. The correct use of the clutch

Car or bike, using the clutch frequently increases fuel consumption and also causes heavy damage to the clutch plates. So use clutch only when needed. Not only this, press the accelerator pedal comfortably during the drive, this will reduce fuel consumption in your vehicle.

3. Avoid Use Of Lower Gear

If you have to come in lower gear during the drive, do not press the accelerator at all because by doing this, the fuel consumption increases and the mileage starts to decline. If you also want to increase the mileage of your car, then consider these things today, you will get better results.

4. Do not carry extra weight

People keep excess goods in their car, due to which the weight of the vehicle increases. And in such a situation, the engine has to apply more power, due to which the consumption of fuel also increases. So keep as much stuff as you need in your car.

5. Timely service, increase in mileage

Often people get their car serviced from the local place in order to save money, as well as cheap and local parts are also made, which later prove to be very harmful. Therefore, do service from right place and do not miss any service.

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