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Yeddyurappa leads BJP’s pro-CAA campaign in Karnataka

Bangalore, January 5: Leading from the front, the Chief Minister of Karnataka B.S. Yediyurappa launched the BJP outreach campaign on Sunday in favor of the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA) in this technological city.

“The CAA emerged after its draft amendment was approved in Parliament during its winter session with the support of the main political parties. Its objective is to provide shelter and protection to Hindu minorities facing persecution in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. It does not take away any rights of the Indians, ”Yediyurappa explained to the inhabitants of the city in a door-to-door campaign.

Accusing the opposition Congress of deceiving people in the CAA and inciting its protesters to fall into violence, the prime minister said the law does not cause any problems to all sectors of the Indians. “It is not about taking away citizenship from anyone, including that of Muslims since the Law only facilitates the return of persecuted Hindus in neighboring countries of the subcontinent,” he said.

Vice Minister of State H.C. Ashwath Narayana and the Bengaluru Central Lok Sabha P.C. Mohan accompanied the prime minister in his outreach program in some residential and commercial areas of the city. As part of the national campaign in favor of the CAA, the president of the state party unit, Nalin Kumar Kateel, and the dozen ministers of the state cabinet led the campaign in other cities in the southern state.

“An awareness campaign will be conducted peacefully every day until January 15 across the state to counter-protests by students and others at the behest of Congress and leftist parties,” Kateel told reporters in Mangaluru, 350 kilometers southwest of Bangalore.

Kateel is a member of BJP Lok Sabha of the state seat Dakshina Kannada.

In addition to contacting people directly at their door through the leaders, cadres, and supporters of the party, the BJP is reaching all sectors of society through social networks and holding pro-CAA demonstrations in all headquarters from 30 districts across the state over the next 10 days.

“Around 300 leaders and cadres of the party have been deployed in cities and towns throughout the state to explain the provisions of the CAA to the people and clarify their doubts since the protesters were deceiving them with incorrect information about it,” he reiterated. Kateel

The CAA emerged after the President enacted a law to grant citizenship rights to Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Parisians, and Christians who have allegedly been persecuted as minorities in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan for the past seven decades.

“A deliberate campaign of misinformation has been carried out against the CAA for vested interests, diverting a section of university/university students, their faculty, activists, and members of the minority community about their dispositions to create disturbances and trigger violence in the country, “Ravikumar claimed. The ruling party also held demonstrations and public meetings in major cities such as Mysuru, Mangaluru, Hubballi, Belagavi, Bellary and Kalaburagi throughout the state and enlightened people about the benefits of the CAA.

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