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Woman opens doll brothel to beat COVID-19 slowdown

Doll Brothel

Hong Kong: The coronavirus pandemic that apparently deters people from coming in contact with even their loved ones, no one would predict of visiting a red light area or having some moments with a call girl as it may cost someone of his life. But a doll brothel could not be a bad choice.

Hence, to beat the economic crisis and ensuring a safe intimate time for people, a ‘literally’ businesswoman in Hong Kong has started a sex doll brothel. Speaking to a Chinese daily she said: “When I met my one friend who deals in silicon sex dolls, I found it interesting as these dolls are quite popular in Asian countries.”

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Hong Kong is one the most visited tourist place in across the world and its streets usually remain packed with visitors. But in the times of COVID-19, the number of tourists has noose dived. Despite China being the epicentre of the pandemic, Hong Kong has seen only 890 cases but still, visitors refrain from coming here.

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The entrepreneur — real name is not know — then discussed the idea with another man who developed a mobile application for her that allows people to book “love rooms” in the hotel. Prices are fixed. Moreover, no one takes a room on rent but a doll, and love room comes along with it.

The woman also accepted that if the demand goes up she will expand her business.

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