Little Rock tornado: At least 7 killed storm strikes Arkansas, Illonois

At least 7 people individuals were killed by tornadoes that hit Arkansas and Illinois on Saturday.

The powerful tornado tore through the affected areas, causing significant damage to buildings, vehicles, trees, and power lines.

The severe spring weather also brought thunderstorms and tornadoes to several states in the US, from Texas to the Great Lakes, causing three fatalities in Sullivan County, Indiana.

One of the regions significantly affected was a portion of western Little Rock, which has a population of 2,100, according to Assistant Police Chief Andre Dyer.

In Belvidere, Illinois, a town near the Wisconsin border, one person died, and 28 others were taken to nearby hospitals.

Approximately 260 individuals attended the Morbid Angel concert at Belvidere's Apollo Theater and sought shelter in the basement after the roof collapsed.

President Joe Biden was visiting Mississippi to assess the aftermath of a severe storm that struck the state the previous week.

The swarm of thunderstorms generated a fatal tornado that devastated Rolling Fork, Mississippi, destroying a significant number of the town's 400 homes and claiming the lives of 25 people.

One person died in neighboring Alabama. Biden pledged to reconstruct the affected areas in Mississippi, while meteorologists cautioned millions of residents in at least 15 Midwest and southern US states to prepare for massive storms.