Shamima Begum is a 23-year-old woman British born woman who left her house to join the terror outfit ISIS in 2015.

Begum was only 15-year old when she left the UK along with her two friends Amira Abase and Kadiza Sultana to join the ISIS.

Soon after the girls disappeared, Begum’s sister revealed that they had travelled to Syria to bring back another girl Sharmeena Begum.

As per the reports, she married to a Dutch guy, Yago Riedijk, just ten days after she reached Syria.

The couple had to convert to Islam because the Dutch law may not have recognised their married as Begum was underage.

Begum was found by a press reporter in 2019 in a refugee camp and was nine months pregnant.

She gave birth to three children but all of them have died. Her youngest child was born and died within a month in a refugee camp in 2019.

Begum’s citizenship was stripped on national security ground in 2019.

Now, as she is facing allegations of recruiting young women for the terror group, she claims she is a victim of trafficking.

A UK tribunal has been told that Begum was a victim of human trafficking for sexual exploitation purposes.