The world population is predicted to hit 8 billion on Tuesday which is a monumental milestone in human history.

The development came just 11 years after the population hit 7 billion in 2011.

The number of people has grown rapidly for almost all of humanity's existence.

The world is now expected to grow another half a billion in less than a decade by 2030.

The UN predicted that the population will peak at around 10.7 billion in the 2080s.

Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Tanzania will make up 50% of the world population by 2050.

India is expected to overtake China as the most populous country as early as 2023.

The population of those above 65 is steadily increasing while the population of children is decreasing.

This is happening due to reducing fertility rates all over the world.

This could pose a problem in the future with fewer youth to support the growing population of elderly people.