Deadly attack of micro plastic on the brain!

Our environment and atmosphere are getting polluted due to many reasons and we are becoming victims of these slowly. Adulterated food items are already causing many hidden diseases. Pollution is causing respiratory problems and climate change pushing us towards unimaginable calamities every day. Moreover, deadly microplastic has started adding insult to the injuries. It has been found that plastic particles are reaching our internal organs through our eyes and affecting our brains. These microplastic particles are giving a dangerous message to the whole human being and we should be alerted.

Scientists associated with The University of New Mexico and Health Sciences have claimed in a study that microplastic has deeply taken us in its grip, and serious steps will have to be taken to get rid of it, otherwise, the situation is going to be very scary. Is. According to the study, fine particles of plastic pollution have dissolved in food, water and air, which are not only affecting our digestive system but also reaching other important organs of the body like kidney, liver and brain through our intestines. Another study also shows that micro plastics have also been found in marine animals and plants. Not only this, micro plastic particles are also found in the bottled water that we drink proudly claiming its purity. These are very fine particles which we cannot see with the naked eye, which are extremely poisonous and in the form of chemicals. These are causing serious harm to the human body. Scientifically, there is a need to understand its chemical reaction or effect in depth.

Today plastic has entered every home in some form or the other and it seems very difficult to get rid of it. Plastic cups, thermocol, decorative items, plastic straws, packaging films, PVC banners, plastic balloon sticks, plastic bags, flags, toffee candy sticks, plastic utensils, wedding cards, sweet boxes, medicine bottles From buckets etc. to hundreds of household items which are present in our daily life, it seems very difficult to get rid of them. However, due to the initiative of the government and some voluntary organizations, alternatives to single use plastic have been suggested from time to time. Work on many schemes is also going on. But people are still not taking its dangerous consequences seriously. We can avoid this danger a little by using thick jute bags, platinum, silicone, stainless steel, glass, earthen pots or ceramic products.

Plastic is the biggest threat to the environment, wildlife and common people. It is responsible for increasing the pollution levels and the toxic chemicals released from it are polluting the ground water. Due to which fatal diseases are occurring. Scientists conducted a study on rats to identify the amount of microplastics, in which they found that rats were exposed to microplastics for only four weeks, then many dangerous changes were seen in them, whereas humans are exposed to it from birth till old age. Have to bear. Researchers have expressed deep concern about the micro plastic accumulating in the human body because gradually it has started affecting the human brain after passing through our body parts. The government is working at many levels to solve this problem but has not been able to reach any result yet, which is worrying.

It is noteworthy that 20 items of single-use plastic were banned across the country on July 1, 2022. Despite the ban on these items in Delhi, the ban has not yet appeared effective. The reason for this was how to stop these banned items. Standard Operating Procedure i.e. SOP was not issued for this. Now Delhi Pollution Control Committee i.e. DPCC has prepared SOP for this. Along with releasing it on the website, it has been sent to all the officers. Single use plastic has been banned in Delhi for a long time. Despite repeated campaigns, this ban has not proved effective. Single use plastic is still being used openly in the markets. Selling of goods inside polythene has not stopped. The great thing is that their production and sale has not stopped.

Day by day plastic is ruining our eco-system. Its combined load is about 300 million tonnes per year, clogging waterways and oceans, clogging roads, harming wildlife and causing serious harm to our health. In such a situation, it is natural to be worried. We need to be aware of the dangerous effects of micro plastics. The state and central governments need to be more agile to deal with future dire situations. They should work for awareness at many levels. If children are told about the ill effects of plastic from the beginning in the school curriculum, then efforts to control plastic can be successful to some extent. The consequences of plastic should be explained in the curricular activities of schools. Discussion, awareness campaign and workshop on plastic should be organized every week or month. The government should not take this crisis lightly and take strict steps.

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