Future of legal profession depends on our integrity: CJI Chandrachud

Chief Justice of India Dhananjay Yashwant Chandrachud on Sunday said the future of the legal profession will depend on whether those associated with it maintain their integrity. The Chief Justice said that integrity and honesty are the core of the legal profession and its prosperity or destruction depends on the behavior of the people associated with it. The CJI said this in a program organized on the theme ‘Enhancing cooperation between lawyers and judges: towards strengthening the legal system’.

He said that integrity is not erased by a storm, it is erased by small concessions given by lawyers and judges and compromises made with their honesty. The CJI said, “Whether our profession will flourish or self-destruct will depend on whether we maintain our integrity or not.”

Justice Chandrachud said, “We all sleep with our conscience. You can fool the entire world, but cannot fool your conscience. He keeps asking questions every night. Honesty is the core of the legal profession. With integrity we will either survive or destroy ourselves.” He said that lawyers get respect when they respect judges and judges get respect when they respect lawyers and mutual respect when What happens when it is realized that both are part of justice.

The Chief Justice of India said, “I believe that an important challenge before the Indian legal profession is to make it an equal opportunity profession. Because the structure of the legal profession today will define it 30 or 40 years from now. When I am asked why we do not have sufficient number of women judges, I tell them not to look at the collegium today, because it has to choose from the talent available at the Bar. You have to see the condition of our society 20-30 years ago. The judges who are entering the higher judiciary today are members of the Bar of 20-25 years ago. ,

She said that as key stakeholders in the legal profession it is the job of judges and lawyers to ensure that women are given due place in the legal system. He also appealed to the lawyers to adopt technology and keep pace with the times to manage the expectations of the people.

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