Genesys International Secures Order Worth Rs 35 Crores to Adopt Digital Twin in Pune City

Genesys International, one of the leading homegrown players in mapping technology has announced that Pune city will now adopt the Digital twin map stack of Genesys. The order worth Rs. 35 crs. is unique as it envisages that for the first time in India, a 3D Digital Twin will be seamlessly integrated with a Command and Control Centre, incorporating various IoT sensors. This integration will provide real-time data insights and actionable intelligence to the authorities, enabling them to make informed decisions swiftly and effectively.

This order is a significant shift towards the adoption of the Genesys New India Map stack for India’s command and control centres. It is also significant for the integration of IoT and analytics.

Speaking about the project, Sajid Malik, CMD of Genesys International Corporation Limited, stated “Smart digitalisation in a city can range from the adoption of tech solutions addressing specific needs to advanced analytics that anticipate challenges. Service optimisation, responsive delivery and end-to-end citizen-customer strategies must become the new norm for municipal services. IoT enables cities to equip their infrastructure with sensors and devices that collect data on the condition of roads, bridges, buildings, and other assets. This data is used for monitoring and preventing accidents, optimising maintenance, and enhancing the safety of city dwellers. Energy consumption, waste management, security monitoring, mobility improvements, and infrastructure management are all areas that can be improved through the execution of digital twins. Pune Municipal Corporation will thus become the first city to adopt real-time data visualisation on the ICCC platform, which includes Digital Twin, IOT, Disaster Management and Traffic Management.”

This platform will be developed collaboratively with Innover Systems, a Pune based technology company.

The scope of work for this ground breaking project encompasses a wide range of applications including Disaster Management, Fire Rescue, Traffic Management, and Property Tax revenue enhancement. By leveraging advanced geospatial technology, Genesys International Corporation Limited aims to revolutionise urban planning and management in Pune.

Genesys ‘New India Map Stack’ which envisages the creation of India’s first Digital twin of all Indian urban cities is a pathbreaking program to transform the use of geospatial technology in a vast array of applications.

Genesys’ New India Map stack comprises an advanced All India 2D navigation map along with the largest street imaging content of more than 1 million kms combined with 3D mesh modelling of entire cities at an extremely high accuracy of 5 cms.

This platform is to be an important part of the Digital Infrastructure for India and was launched for Genesys by the Niti Aayog CEO.

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