Indergiri Finance unveils array of products in financial solutions for healthcare sector

Indergiri Finance

Indergiri Finance Limited has unveiled an array of products for the healthcare sector aimed at Medical Equipment Financing, Patient Financing, and Hospital Receivables Financing. Showcasing its product line in Medical Equipment Financing. Here are the product details:

Micro Medical Equipment Financing — up to ₹5 lakh equipment cost

Micro and Small Medical Equipment are compact medical devices and instruments used for Diagnostic, Monitoring or Treatment purposes. This equipment enables healthcare professionals to provide efficient and quick care are small locations in Tier 2,3 & 4 cities. These are suitable for various healthcare settings, including small clinics, diagnostic centers, dental centers, and small hospitals. This equipment include X Ray machines with CR Readers, Lab Analysers, Dental X Ray Machines, Optometrist Equipment, etc.

Mini Medical Equipment Financing – up to ₹10 lakh

Medical Equipment Loan for Mini Hospitals and Medium size Diagnostic Centers that need to purchase equipment such as the latest imaging tools, diagnostics technology, monitors, etc. , and any other equipment required to improve the infrastructure of a hospital. This equipment include small USGs, Dialysis Equipment, High End Digital X Ray Machines, etc.

Small Medical Equipment Financing – upto ₹25 lakh

This product caters to small and medium hospitals located across Tier 2 & 3 Cities who are looking to upgrade their facilities to cater to a growing population looking for modern solutions to their healthcare problems. This equipment include Ultrasound Imaging, Surgical Lasers, Heart Lung Machines, Bone Density Machines, etc.

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