Ladakh LG inaugurates Ladakh Dairy Federation’s refurbished plant

In a positive development for Ladakh’s dairy industry, Dr. B. D. Mishra, the Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh UT, recently inaugurated the newly upgraded dairy plant of the Ladakh Dairy Cooperative Federation. The event, held in the presence of Dr. Meenesh Shah, Chairman of NDDB, Dr. Pawan Kotwal, Advisor to the Lieutenant Governor, and other notable guests, took place on a Wednesday.

The renovation project was carried out by IDMC Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). Dr. B. D. Mishra praised NDDB for its crucial role in advancing dairy practices in Ladakh, a region that has been less developed in this sector.

Highlighting the importance of a unified approach, the Lieutenant Governor stressed the need for a well-organized system for milk procurement, processing, and marketing. This, he believes, will strengthen dairy practices in the region and significantly boost rural income.

Chairman NDDB shared details of a strategic partnership outlined in a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) involving NDDB, the Union Territory of Ladakh, and the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC). This five-year agreement aims to provide Ladakh Dairy Cooperative Federation with managerial and technical support, focusing on expanding market access and ensuring the sustainability of the Federation’s operations.

Under the guidance of NDDB, Ladakh Dairy Federation aims to establish a transparent and rewarding milk procurement system, benefiting local dairy farmers. Chairman NDDB announced a grant of ₹40 lakh to facilitate the smooth commencement and operation of the Federation.

Looking ahead, NDDB envisions more than just immediate support; they plan to develop a strong dairy value chain in Ladakh. This initiative aims to generate profits for milk producers while ensuring that consumers have access to quality and affordable milk and milk products. The processed milk will be branded under “Oma.” Additionally, Ladakh Federation is committed to supplying fresh pasteurized milk to the Indian Army base stationed in Ladakh.

This inauguration signifies a significant step towards revitalizing Ladakh’s dairy sector, with collaborative efforts expected to make a lasting impact on the region’s economic landscape.

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