National Science Day 2024: Significance of science in our lives

National Science Day 2024,

National Science Day 2024: We celebrate 28 February as National Science Day. Wednesday is 28th February, it is important for all of us to know the significance of this day and science in our lives. Science is present in our lives in some form and we do not even realise when and how we are using scientific principles and applications.

This day symbolises how science has made our world and daily routine easier and this continues to happen.

Historical significance

National Science Day 2024: On National Science Day, we remember the special contribution of Indian physicist Chandrashekhar Venkata Raman and pay tribute to him. This day reminds us of the discovery of Raman effect. On 28 February 1928, Raman made an unprecedented discovery.

He experimented and proved that when light passes through a transparent substance, it scatters and spreads in the form of a wave and is converted into energy. This discovery of Raman proved to be so important in the field of science that in 1930 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Due to this, every year we pay tribute to Raman by celebrating 28th February as National Science Day.

Importance of National Science Day 2024

National Science Day 2024: Although this day is important for us in various ways, but this time its importance has increased even more because this time the theme of National Science Day 2024 has been kept as “Indigenous Technology for Developed India”.

This theme reflects the use of science in our daily lives and aims to honor scientists by appreciating their efforts and achievements dedicated to human welfare.

To celebrate National Science Day, it is necessary to deeply consider the progress of science and technology and understand the progress made in it.

As we celebrate National Science Day on Wednesday this year, let us take some time to appreciate the impact of science on our lives, celebrate the achievements of scientists and reflect on the role of science and technology in shaping our future.

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