New On Netflix December 2023: New Movies And Shows To Watch

New On Netflix December 2023,

New On Netflix December 2023: The year has come to its end but the enthusiasm for thrilling, chilling, action and comedy movies and shows is continues and will always remain in trends. Following the trends, people eagerly wait for new content on the streaming platform Netflix and other OTT platforms including Prime Video, Peacock and other streaming services. Here we have brought some best picks to watch in the last month of year to make it memorable and more entertaining. So let’s check the list:

New On Netflix December 2023

May December

Show May December
Release Date December 1
Platform Netflix

New On Netflix December 2023: In the new film May December actress Natalie Portman has played her most challenging role yet. She is playing the role of Julianne Moore. The new movie from the Carols sees television star Elizabeth preparing for the role of Gracie. In the trailer of the movie the film’s swampy mix of melodrama and delusion. This is expected to be an engaging movie.

Sweet Home season 2

Show Sweet Home season 2
Release Date December 1
Platform Netflix

The second season of the drama Sweet Home will bring you lots of excitement. Similar to the previous version it has a huge peg of entertainment. Also, some of your queries, that were left unsolved in the first season, will be solved this time. So, don’t wait and opt for Netflix.

Animated Movies To Watch On Netflix In 2024

Leave the World Behind

Show Leave the World Behind
Release Date December 8
Platform Netflix

It is a psychological thriller film written, directed and produced by Sam Esmail. Based on the novel of Rumaan Alam the movie narrates the story of a family which is on vacation on Long Island. They are interrupted by two strangers bearing news of a blackout. In this movie, you will see the struggle of those families and how they survive on this island.

The Crown season 6 part 2

Show The Crown season 6 part 2
Release Date December 14
Platform Netflix

What makes a movie “worth a watch” is the appearance of Kate Middleton. The beautiful actress has made it all and will keep audiences stuck to the screens with her performance.


Show Maestro
Release Date December 20
Platform Netflix

This is a movie that everyone waits for — yes, a love story. Be ready to feel the love and forget the world.

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