Tata Power-DDL organises Urja Mela on National Energy Conservation Day

Urja Mela

Tata Power-Delhi Distribution Limited (Tata Power-DDL) organised its annual event ‘Urja Mela’ to observe National Energy Conservation Day on Thursday. The event is aimed to raise awareness about energy conservation and sustainable practices. Students from over 160 schools across 11 states participated and exhibited their project during the science exhibition organised by the company during the event.

An Annual Event by TP-DDL

The event is organised by the Tata Power-DDL every year and attracts thousands of students from across the country.

In  video: Praveen Agrawal, Chief – Human Resource, Industrial Relations, Social Impact Group, Facility Management & Health Services at Tata Power-DDL.

Praveen Agrawal, Chief — Human Resource, Industrial Relations, Social Impact Group, Facility Management & Health Services function at Tata Power-DDL, told National Chronicle that this year around 2,000 students participated in the Urja Mela and various competitions were held during the event and winners were also given awards.

The event provided a chance to students to explore their innovative idea and participate in the various competitions held there. Student also did splendid work and received appreciation from judges. Some of these projects include:

Smart Toll Plaza

The idea behind this project was more vital than anyone can think of. Made by Kuldip Kharat and his associate of Samparc Gramin Vidya Vikas Kendra, Pune, Maharashtra, this project exhibited an idea that in a situation of vehicle snarls at toll plazas how would we give way to ambulances. For this, the children created a hydraulics-powered underpass so that ambulances can cross the toll plaza without any hustle and bustle.

Safety Gloves For Women

Another important topic was covered by Paresh Chudasma and Vishal Chudasma with their safety gloves especially made for women. Initially it looks like any ordinary glove but can produce a high electricity jolt whenever an abuser approaches the woman. The woman using this glove can combat an abuser and in between can send a SOS message to police or her relatives.

Electricity Generated By Piezo Plates

Piezo Plates or Piezoelectric Plates are thin ceramic sheet that produce electricity whenever they receive pressure. This is the principal behind this project made by Purman Rituraj and Jatapur Rohan. The idea is to deploy piezo plates on highways and roads under the layer of concrete and Coal Tar so that whenever vehicle pass over them they receive pressure and generate electricity that can be used to electrify street lights.

Cost Cutting With Electromagnetic

Made by Parv and Chahat of School of Specialised Excellence, Delhi, this project introduces a system where electricity can be generated as a comparative low cost.

High Security System Using IR Sensor

Two Jaisalmer boys — Jyotish Sharma and Arun Sharma — have prepared this model in which they have used infrared sensor to raise alarm in case if fire breaks out.

Solar-Powered Pottery Wheel

K. Indu and B Spoorthy from Amidhyala, Andhra Pradesh were present at the event with their solar-powered pottery wheel. The solar panel captures solar energy and converts it in to electricity. It has several other benefits too.

Future Smart Electric Vehicle

A multi-feature, multi-purpose electric vehicle was the idea of Vaishnavi and Jane. The vehicle gets charged from solar energy and includes various features.

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